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What is a PP travel luggage?
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What is a PP travel luggage?

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PP is short for polypropylene, and its scientific name is polypropylene. In recent years a popular travel luggage material in the United States. Compared with the traditional luggag body material.(For example, ABS, PC, etc.), PP luggage has its unique advantages in some aspects.

PP material is more environmentally friendly and flexible, with good impact resistance, moisture absorption and acid resistance alkali corrosion, solubility resistance and other advantages. In addition, PP trolley luggage was successfully solved as ABS luggage the weight of the bag is too heavy, it is difficult to carry and the luggage is easily broken, and the PC bag is easy to wear puzzles with flowers and scratches.

PP material is recognized as a safe, non-toxic material, and is the only one that can be placed in a microwave oven plastic, common soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice drink bottles, microwave meal luggagees, etc. Are made with pp material. The PP luggage is very soft, thin, light, and flexible to make the luggage not easy to crack. Wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, durable while atmospheric, fashionable and trendy, it is a practical type.But because of this, the pp luggage is more expensive than the ordinary luggage on the market-so some, so buy which one depends on the personal needs of consumers!

PP luggagees are called "battle luggages in luggages", here I will simply list them for you.

The advantages of PP luggage:

1. Waterproof and not afraid of rainy days.
2. Antifreeze, can be used normally at -80°C.
3. Heat resistance, can be used normally at 120°C.
4. Compressive resistance, drop resistance, no deformation, favored by European and American countries. .
5. Compared with ABS smooth luggage, PP luggage has better surface rigidity and scratch resistance.
6. The cleaning work is simple and easy to clean with a damp cloth.
7. For those who are worried about consignment and breakage, you can choose the style.
8. More suitable for long-distance travel such as airplanes.

This is mainly the case, I personally prefer PP luggages, mainly for quality.It is safe, non-toxic, and satisfies our young people's pursuit of fashion trends.

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