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How is the trolley luggage produced?
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How is the trolley luggage produced?

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Trolley luggage is mainly composed of main materials, auxiliary materials, pads, bows, tie rods, bottom corners and bottom wheels.There are many types of main materials: PU, nylon, leather, Oxford cloth, cotton cloth, washed cloth, ABS, etc.

But it can be divided into two main categories. One type is cloth and artificial leather. The first category is ABS and plastic materials.

1.Trolley luggage made of cloth and artificial leather

The first process is compounding, because the cloth itself is relatively thin. If you want to make a stiff box, you need to compound thick and strong materials-often plastic. Compounding is to glue cloth and pull back glue together. Everybody sometimes buys a trolley luggage and asks that there is a little smell inside, which is often the smell of adhesive. This process requires a compound machine, but this process is generally handed over to the compound factory. Few factories buy compound machines by themselves.

The second process is to cut the composite material into the shape required by the trolley luggage. This part is done by professionals-the master. The plate maker made paper shapes for the various parts of the box, and then made uncles based on the paper shapes. Put the knife and the main material on the cutting machine. The cutting machine is a very large machine, which is pressed against the uncle knife with strong pressure. Below the uncle is the main ingredient. Then the main material will be cut into the shape of a knife. A lot of knives are required for the production of a trolley luggage. The cutting machine is necessary for the production of trolley luggage!

The third process is to process the cut material with a sewing machine. There are many kinds of sewing machines, such as lockstitch sewing machine, high-speed car, computer car and so on. This process is to process the previously cut material into the outer shell of the trolley luggage. But it is still soft and can be crushed. There are many types of machines required for this process. Different machines have different uses. Manufacturers often purchase machines according to their own needs.

The fourth process is the upper plate and bow. The bow is the metal frame that supports the trolley luggage. It is about the same size as the trolley luggage, and the shape is propped up from the inside of the trolley luggage. The pads have rubber plates and wooden boards, and the high-grade trolley luggage will also use better quality materials. The wooden board is used to support the back part of the trolley luggage. Offset is used to support the corners-for example, the arc shape of the handle.

The fifth process is the pull rod and wheels. This part requires a rivet machine, and there are a few small workshops with screws. If you buy the trolley luggage using screws. That is the small workshop product. The rivet machine fixes the tie rod and the wooden board together; also fixes the wheel and the wooden board together. The trolley luggage is basically completed.

The sixth process is to cut off the extra head and packaging work.

2. Manufacture of ABS and plastic trolley luggage

Because these materials are relatively hard, unlike cloth and leather. These materials require professional machines and molds. The front shell is a mold, and the rear shell is a mold. After die casting, the two are connected with rivets and hinges. Then use the rivet machine to rivet the tie rods and wheels. This material only requires die-casting machines and rivet machines. But it should not be cheap.

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